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Enhance your real estate business by leveraging our extensive builder relationships, participating in fractional real estate ownership, and diversifying your income streams. Our exclusive AI Calling system for buyers and sellers helps our agents make their mark. Just call the office and Haily will assist you.


UPGRADED REALTY is more than just a real estate company, we’re a lifestyle brand.

We believe that real estate is about more than just property. Upgraded Realty provides you with a full-service real estate brokerage that offers the best residential and commercial inventory along with tools, education, access to professionals, and a unique platform that opens up a world of possibilities for buyers, sellers, our agents, and brokers.

Upgraded Realty leverages its strategic partnerships with industry experts and thought leaders in order to provide access to several programs that are designed to upgrade your real estate experience. These partnerships allow our company to provide a unique and robust set of programs and services that offer additional value, tools, and strategies designed to overcome several barriers and obstacles associated with real estate.

Whether you’re an agent, a buyer, or a seller; our programs and tailored services are specifically designed to assist you in leveraging your strengths while providing you with the tools and team to overcome common barriers to entry. We work closely with builders, developers, investors, community planners, financial service providers, business services providers, consultants, and industry experts in order to provide a truly full-service real estate experience that encompasses much more than just real estate transactions. Upgraded Realty upgrades your career, business, and life.

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More Options for Real Estate Professionals, Buyers, and Sellers

Traditional Real Estate

Fractional Real Estate

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Upgraded Realty is a realty company packed with features that are designed to upgrade our real estate agent’s careers, business, and lives. We continue to discover new ways to grow our agent’s real estate careers so that they can live an upgraded life.

Traditional Real Estate

Traditional Real Estate

Market homes as usual plus have access to buyer-centric component that allows you to gather home buyers long before it’s time for them to buy.

Traditional Real Estate

Fractional Real Estate

We added a unique real estate product that most other brokerages just don’t have. Fractional real estate taps into an emerging market of potential home-buyers looking for an entry into the real estate market without the high barriers associated with traditional real estate.

Traditional Real Estate

Residual Income

Utilize powerful networking features to help you build your future income with residual income streams while you focus on generating present-day property sales, creating extra streams of income to help with slow months.

Benefits of Shared Ownership

By owning a fraction of a property, individuals can share the costs and responsibilities of ownership with others, rather than bearing them all alone. This can make ownership more manageable and potentially more profitable.​

Because fractional ownership allows individuals to invest in real estate without having to bear the full cost of ownership, it may be a way to potentially profit from the appreciation of the property value over time.​

With fractional ownership, you can purchase a share of a property for a set period of time, rather than being committed to owning the property long-term. This can be a great option for those who are looking to grow their portfolio of real estate without the full-time commitment of ownership.​

Fractional ownership can also provide individuals with the opportunity to own a share of a property that they might not be able to afford to purchase outright.​

Fractional ownership arrangements often come with professional property management services, which can make it easier for owners to manage their share of the property.

Free Micro Courses

In these uncertain times it is crucial to diversify your revenue streams. Simply signup to learn more, it is free, and we are here to help if you need us.

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